Data description

Please fill the form with all the data available for your stock, if you are not sure about the value of some category please enter 'NA'. If a field heading is underlined you can hover over for a more detailed description.

Based on DLMtool package (Tom Carruthers and Adrian Hordyk (2016). DLMtool: Data-Limited Methods Toolkit. R package version 3.1.)

Catch data

Catch data should be in tonnes. You can include more than one abundance index indicating it in the Abundance Index Max field.

Catch at age

Age data should be in numbers.

Catch at length

Length data should be in mm.


In the 'source' field write for each value a reference source, this could be a bibliographic or a database (e.g., if available. If you do not have a reference but you have some knowledge on the value or if a reference does not apply please enter 'NA'.

Coefficient of variation

CV is a measure of imprecision, i.e. how imprecise you think this value could be

Enough data to produce

Cannot produce